The Women in Business Leadership Lounge

“Lounge, relax, and flow into the growth of your business with us”

May 20, 2023  9AM-5PM
Boise, ID

Hosted by: Megan McCann and Jennifer Ludington
Co-Founders, #1 Best Selling Authors, Podcasters, and Business/Leadership Coaches

Join us for a #soulascendlive production in Boise, ID to connect and grow your business. With live music, red carpet photo entrance, speaker workshops, champagne and food included, you'll get the opportunity to have fun learning and collaborating with other women in business.

Let's get down to business in a fun, edgy environment where we can create with ease and flow...

Learn leadership principles and business growth strategies that will help you create legacy leaving impact, financial freedom, and have more fun while you grow your business without the bro-marketing "hustle hard" mentality.

The theme for this event is ROCK YOUR SALES through feminine leadership principles because...

Let's be honest.

Masculine sales strategies don't work for most women. As female business owners with heart and soul, we want to look at our customers as heartbeats, not just numbers.

And what we've learned is that when we can lead with generosity and service in our sales strategies, we MAKE MORE MONEY.

Meg, Jen, and our expert speakers will show you how to increase your sales through:

Big Business Referrals
Affiliate Marketing
Stand-out Copywriting
and Joint Venture Partnerships.


  • General access to the in-person event. Red carpet photo entrance starts at 9am and the workshop begins at 930am-5pm MST
  • ​Mentoring, direct coaching, strategy sessions, business development and leadership Q&A with Meg, Jen, and their expert lineup of speakers
  • ​Champagne and appetizers throughout the day 
  • ​Red Carpet entrance with professional photographer on site (photo of you included!)
  • ​Opportunities to connect with other women in business and collaborate
  • ​FUN! We get down to business but there is a lot to celebrate. Get ready to scale, sister

This is not another one of those business conference "snoozefests".

We've attended too many of those. And while the content might be good, the energy is well...


Everything from the 
florescent lights that give you a headache, 
pink baby shower balloons and confetti,
people who only seem to want to hear what you can do for them, 
and the uncomfortable conference chairs make it less than ideal.

Well this is NOT that...

Join women who WANT TO KNOW YOU and want you to WIN!

 This is an opportunity to lounge, connect, learn and HAVE FUN building your business with mentors and fellow female entrepreneurs who want to grow WITH YOU! 

Why attend this event?

Imagine fast-forwarding your business by years with the right mentorship, strategy, and community...

With a combined 30+ years of business experience building multi-six & seven figure businesses, Meg and Jen will pull back the curtain and show you exactly what to do so you can achieve success too...

Why you need to attend this event... 

1. You are excited to connect with other women in business, have fun, and celebrate business growth
2. You are sick of trading time for money. You want to grow your business but there just aren't enough hours in the day
3. You feel stuck and overwhelmed with tech, business systems, and funnels
4. Your offers aren't converting or generating the type of revenue you desire
5. You are looking to simplify your business model so you can attract new clients and customers with ease and flow

We are going to teach you our proven model 
 "The Collaboration Formula"

This formula breaks through the old paradigm that you need to spend a lot of money on advertising to scale your business. Instead, we have a formula to CONNECT, COLLABORATE and CASH FLOW.

In our Formula we show you step-by-step how to:

1) Find and make connections with new partners in business
2) Enhance your offers so you're constantly generating new leads 
3) Price out your products and services so you're generating the type of revenue you desire

Using this formula has helped us and our clients multiply our revenue without traditional business tactics that lead to burnout. 

For example...

"First Month Working With Meg & Jen We Had A $14,000 Month. The Second Month, Well Over $20,000!"

"Thank you Meg & Jen for reminding me that my soul's health is more important than carrying the weight of others. I've had some of the most playful and profitable months using my own internal compass!!!" 

-Teshia Campbell , Entrepreneur, Activist & Financial Educator gets to be simple and we're going to show you the exact formulas we and our clients have implemented to massively grow and monetize our businesses.

Jaime went from a teacher's salary to SIX FIGURE BUSINESS AND GROWING

"Meg and Jen are an incredible pair that compliment each other so well. They are genuine heart centered bad asses and you NEED them on your team. Put them in your corner! It will be so much more than you could ever imagine - TRANSFORMATIVE!!!" 

-Jaime Rivetts MSEd , Entrepreneur & Educator  

We were so sick and tired of "bro marketing" tactics because they didn't work for us. 
Honestly, they felt gross.
So instead, we created a formula that allows you to gain visibility, spread your mission, and monetize through collaboration. We cannot wait to teach you.
Learn how to grow your business with our 3 principles...


Jennifer Ludington will kick off the event by teaching the feminine leadership and mindset principles to help you overcome self limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and the many hurdles that face women in today's culture. 


Megan McCann will teach you the signature Soul Ascend formula and show you how to create a business model built on collaboration, connection, and experiences so you no longer have to worry about burnout, paid advertising or generating new leads. 


Through the power of manifestation and connected sales/enrollment strategies, Meg and Jen will give you specific next steps to attract ideal new clients and generate more sales.

Meet our Guest Speakers

Cristy "Code Red" Nickel, #2 World-Ranked Boxer (retired), Celebrity Nutritionist, Award-Winning Personal Trainer
Talk: Affiliate Marketing

Christina Ward, CEO Christina & Co. & Top Producing Real Estate Agent in Boise
Talk: Big Business Through Referrals

Pirie Jones Grossman, TedX Speaker, Coach, Media Personality
Talk: Creating Your Best Next Chapter for 2023

Andrea Dell, Author, Speaker, Copywriter
Talk: Boost Your Impact & Income With Email Marketing

#1 Best-Selling Authors, Media Personalities & Business Leadership Mentors 

Hello Business Leader!

Connecting with other women in business, and implementing the principles we are going to teach you has opened up: Time Freedom and Flexibility, Financial Freedom, Opportunities and more!

    Jen Ludington is a #1 Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Real Estate Investor and Business Leadership Coach for female entrepreneurs. She has owned and operated her own businesses for over 20 years including elite fitness and yoga studios, nutrition companies, mortgage, real estate and construction companies and additionally founded, created, and sold her own successful protein bar company. ​
    ​Meg is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Renowned Business Strategist. Her extensive background in wellness and counseling gave her the kickstart to her entrepreneurial journey, now with 15 years of experience bootstrapping six and seven figure businesses. In 2011, she made it to the top 2% of a multi-billion dollar wellness company, a business that has produced well over 12M+ in sales. This experience, combined with a masters degree in counseling, helped her launch her business mentorship company in 2017. Merging with Jennifer Ludington has proven to be the perfect combination of business leadership and strategic systems to enhance performance for her clients. ​

From $500/mo to $34,000 in just one month!

"I couldn't have done this without Meg and Jen, and I'm a 57 year old woodworker!"
-Nancy Bond, Founder of Cultivated Woodworks

The World Does Not Need Any More Broke Women in Business. Period.
 Our intention is to help you make money through leadership, strategy, and action.

It's time to feel good and value the services you provide.
We believe that the more money you have, the more your impact gets to spread to those who really need you. The more you can donate and contribute to the causes you believe in.

We are excited to see your ripple.

We love supporting organizations that we believe in, and that's why we have partnered with one of our favorite Idaho Non-profits, 
Camp Rainbow Gold. 

When you attend our event you help us contribute to this amazing organization that supports children with terminal cancer. We are grateful we get to donate a portion of the proceeds from our events to Camp Rainbow Gold. 

 At our January event we donated over $1,000.00 and we have a goal to double that donation in May. 

When and where is this event?

This 1-Day Event is Saturday, May 20th In Boise, ID.
*If you arrive at 9:30 am you will not have the opportunity to get your photo taken. The red carpet photos begin at 9am and the event starts at 9:30 am SHARP. Get there early! 

Who is this event for? How do I know I'm a good fit?

The event is designed for a female business owner or aspiring business owner/innovator who is excited to get into action, connect with other women in business and gain the tools and support necessary to massively monetize her business using our step by step proven framework so that she can create the impact she desires.

What can I expect?

While we make no promises, our intention is to give to you the right leadership and business strategy to leave with a clear plan for how to attract your ideal clients, close more sales and do it without the "bro marketing" tactics.  We are all about connection so our desire is that you leave with new customers, joint venture partners, and/or new friends in business.

How should I dress?

Dress to impress! WE GOT A RED CARPET WAITING FOR YA AND A PHOTOGRAPHER ON SITE so you'll want to wear your favorite business building gear. We recommend business cocktail attire.

What should I bring?

Bring a journal, pen, business cards (if you have them), and your wallet if you'd like to go shopping and support local Idaho business owners.

Do you offer refunds?

Just like any event, spots are limited and you sure don't wanna miss this. 

We do not offer refunds.

 Is this an incognito sales pitch hidden in a fun women's business event?

If you are asking if we will invite you to join our coaching community before the event ends, YES. 


If you asking if the event will deliver valuable educational information but not the how, then no. If you show up authentically, connect, and allow yourself to be seen and heard you'll not only get the eduction and implementation strategy but you will leave with a new community of women that will support you and your business.

We always make heart centered offers and we want you to do the same in your business.

Cheers, Jen and Meg

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